After witnessing people consistently doing large movement patterns in the gym, such as squats and deadlifts, it became apparent that these exercises need to be complemented with a training routine for the joints and ligaments of the SI joint.

The Sacroiliac joint is a very complex system with 22 different axes of rotation, so the need for mobility is essential for the body to function properly. Keep in mind that our ligaments provide proprioception (the awareness of your body in space) and when the entire system is not moving fluidly, it can cause issues such as back pain, digestive/elimination issues, mental/emotional imbalances, and muscles that feel too tight no matter what you do.

Think of the SI joint as being the stable foundation needed for building a healthy, happy home :)


The Sacroiliac joint to be exercised 

The Sacroiliac joint to be exercised 

In this weeks video, I’ll show you how to train the ligaments of your SI joint through an exercise called the “butt walk.” This exercise was specifically designed to teach YOU how to create space and fluid motion in your pelvis. In doing so, you’ll have healthier functionality of the entire system as a whole and be on the road to becoming your own doctor.

To greater health through a smarter pelvis!