No collegiate athlete is the same.

There are polar distinctions between the comradery of different sports teams and locker room atmospheres. What we share is a common need for additional coaching and support throughout our development.

I’ve personally witnessed many top-notch athletes that struggled to handle the rigors of being a student-athlete. Some of the greatest athletes I played with never made it to the next level because of external circumstances; many circumstances that could have been avoided if processed with someone who understood their unique struggles.

Dr. Judd is a model for how to remain balanced as an athlete. His background in sport provides a deeper level of understanding the potential snags that may affect most athletes as they work to initiate and sustain a healthy approach to training and competition.
— Preston Dewey (Former quarterback for The University of Miami Hurricanes)


How I Mentor College Athletes

Athletes that are free from the pain of their past are capable of achieving whatever they put their minds to. Every athlete that I work with is consciously or subconsciously burdened by something.

As a collegiate athlete, I was disciplined on the field, but needed guidance through the injuries, break-ups, disagreements with coaches/teammates, academic issues, and family issues. 

I have dedicated my lifes work to developing a unique skillset for helping others. My experience as a collegiate athlete, a head coach of a semi-pro team in Europe, and earning a doctorate degree in psychology has given me a first-hand perspective on what athletes require at every level.


My goal is simple: Help athletes perform at the highest level on and off the field while setting their sights on the next level.


My Process

I go through a detailed Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire to get to the origin of what has been holding you back from your highest performance in all areas of your life. Once we specify your exact needs, then we are able to focus our attention toward achieving your goals in life. 

Throughout this process we will work on building effective communication, which is an essential skill to master for becoming a leader in any enviroment. We will assess where your motivation stems from, so we are assured you are of a mindset that is built for success.

Too many athletes that I coach have allowed their need to be SEEN as “the best” to be a motivator for success, which is a dangerous mindset when combined with life’s difficulties (e.g., injuries, break-ups). 

Pain is ALWAYS present with you in the gym, team meetings, or around your loved ones, and until you deal directly with it and its source, it will continue to have a negative effect on your performance.

Learning to effectively communicate with ourselves and everyone that we come across on a daily basis is paramount for success.


Dr. Judd's methods will help you:

  • Gain the skills to help you perform at your best in every area of your life by effectively communicating with teammates, coaches, professors, family members, and friends.

  • Become conscious of negative experiences and challenges so that you will be more present to live the life you've always dreamed.


Through our work together, you will become aware of what your mind-body requires so you will remain balanced in your living environment, school, and training to provide you with time to do the things you enjoy the most. 

Dr. Judd is excited to be a part of your dream team, which is the support you will need throughout this life changing process.


If you are collegiate athlete looking for support in reaching your full potential, please reach out to Dr. Judd via the website or directly to schedule a free consultation at 720-263-1312.


Coach Johns inspired me to live the life of my dreams. Every time I would set a goal he would help me accomplish it, congratulate me, then help me obtain the next one even when I thought it was out of reach. I can now proudly say that if it were not for his mentorship I would likely not being playing football at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). I am eternally grateful for his guidance!
— Cole Baker (Running-back at MIT)