Dr. Judd and Coach Sawyer work with fitness-minded, ambitious adults that are aiming to improve athletic performance and create a healthy balance in every area of your life. We usually work in tandem because by having such a diverse background in mind and body healing you are able to get the best results possible.

"Those that are no longer anchored by the pain of their past are able to achieve whatever they put their minds to in life."

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How We Work with Fitness-Minded Adults

When using our methods together as a team we will help you increase your vitality, decrease stress and sculpt the mind and body of your dreams. See, we do not want you to become dependent on us or anyone for your healthcare needs; our mission is to provide you with a strong foundation while teaching specific tools and techniques to achieve the lifelong results for you to become your own doctor.

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all method to achieving your goals. We take special consideration for what your lifestyle requires either for more energy, losing weight, recovering from an injury, keeping up with your the little ones, or performing at your highest level athletically. 


Coach Sawyer designs effective corrective and performance exercise programs that go above and beyond the usual components that make up most programs. Based upon current research and years of clinical experience Coach Sawyer feels that treating orthopedic disorders in both men and women need to take into account gender specific needs, therefore by using such a wide range of training methods we are able to train for both explosive and endurance training. Your individualized exercise programs will lead to optimal performance by combining and manipulating acute exercise variables such as reps, sets, loads, tempo and rest periods designed for your specific need in each sport. 

Program Design

There is a high functional carry over into athletic performance and every day life, so we use the science of biomechanics and kinesiology complimented with advanced assessments and functional training techniques for rehabilitation and healing your injuries. Coach Sawyer uses stabilization exercises for strengthening the core and back’s relationship to the entire kinetic chain. This method is used for prevention of back pain, maintenance of good posture and optimal sports performance.

Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention


Together we will help you in pursuing your life’s dreams; the most empowering, liberating and rewarding experience you will ever have is living a life of fulfillment while achieving what your heart desires. 

Dr. Judd taught me the importance of maintaining a balanced mind, body, and spirit. Years ago I was 143Ibs at 5’11”, weak and always tired. Largely thanks to Dr. Judd and his life coaching, I am now 37 years old, and 172Ibs at 11% body fat and living the life of my dreams!
— Joe Simonet (Men's Health, November 2015 issue)

If you are fitness-minded, ambitious adult looking for support in reaching your full potential, please reach out to me via the website or call me directly to schedule a free consultation.