Which means, how you Eat, Move, Rest, and Play. As an example, making all of your meals the night before so you have adequate fuel and don’t have to be thinking about that throughout the day. Sleep, you have to get adequate rest before and after you train and compete. I teach the 80/20 rule for everything in life, which I learned from my mentor Paul Chek. For instance, 80% of the time (weekdays) you are in bed by 10:30PM and the other 20% you say whatever during the weekends. It's all about keeping your mind free from what can become little distractions, so you can put your energy toward fulfilling your dreams.

Build your dream team by surrounding yourself with passionate people. These people will look something like this, they support your ideas, believe anything is possible, and aim to keep each other accountable. As my grandmother would always say, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” If you want a future that shines bright, then you have to be around those who are beaming with possibility!

More important than #1 and #2, Define your dream and seek out a mentor, coach, or expert in the field that you're passionate about. You want this person to have a passion for what you want to do and you have to make sure to invest and learn from their lifestyle. Like many teenagers, I had big dreams with very little direction. Not until I attended Fork Union Military Academy (FUMA) is when change begin to happen in my life. Because of the foundational principles that I've mentioned, complemented with supportive mentorship were my dreams able to become a reality. My first dream was achieved by becoming a running back for the University of Colorado's Big VII Championship team. Since then, I’ve been helping others to fulfill their dreams by being an educator, performance-enhancement coach, head football coach, and consultant for teams and individual athletes. I believe it takes a village, therefore the love and support offered by friends and family, complemented with my coaching is sure to make your dreams come true!