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We have been taught that the acceptance from others is critical, an unfortunate mindset that forces us to depend on friends, family, and everyone around to make us okay. There is a world of possibilities that opens up when we fully accept ourselves without the validation of others.

The goal in our work together is for you to fulfill your dreams. We accomplish this by helping you live a life based on self-acceptance, remaining authentic to who you are, and loving yourself. Only then can you truly live out your highest potential.

"Great dreams have to be your dreams and no one else's."
- Dr. Judd Johns

Transformational Coaching - Phone & Skype Sessions

Dr. Judd has worked in the field of Sports and Life Coaching for over 20 years as a teacher, performance-enhancement coach, head football coach, track coach, advisor, and consultant for teams and individual athletes. 

Dr. Judd understands that sometimes meeting in person for sessions is not always manageable with your busy schedules (e.g., after work, practice, or in season travel) or location. Therefore, phone and Skype sessions are ideal for athletes, working professionals, and their families seeking additional help.

The initial 20 minute consultation is free.

If after our initial consultation we both agreed that you are a good fit for Transformational Coaching, then the pricing will be as follows:

  • Each 1 hour session will be $150.

  • 20 minute follow-up or “check-in” sessions are $50.00.  

New or Existing Clients Have Special Skype Access 

You will receive a special, password protected web address that will include a direct link to Skype with me at scheduled times. Follow the button link to enter your password.

I decided to seek Dr. Judd’s help for a myriad of things in my life causing me distress. He helped me understand and process my situation, he put thoughts and how they affect how I feel into perspective. Dr. Judd has helped me move forward towards a more complete and healthy way of living my life.
— Tim Brown (# 1 National Sales Rep)